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RJKD Enterprises, LLC
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RJKD Enterprises, LLC is a Los Angeles based consulting firm with global reach. We leverage our technical expertise to find niche opportunities in the educational, healthcare and hospitality sectors. Disruption is our goal as we seek to improve our partners and customers through ground breaking technologies and user experiences.

Brand StrategyBrand Strategy

Brand Strategy

All you have in this business world is your brand and your word. Developing a sustainable brand strategy is essential for long term growth.
Team BuilidingTeam Builiding

Team Builiding

Team bulding and coporate culture can be severly underrated in small to medium-sized businesses. Develop a strong team from the get go to plan for future growth.
Strategic ConsultingStrategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Strategy is a broad term, but understanding the environment in which you are compteting is essential to a getting a new venture off the ground.
Customer SupportCustomer Support

Customer Support

Customers are king and queens, and in this new era of social media, communication, and sharing; offering premium customer service is essential to any long term strategy.


You can scale without proper infrastructure. This is a fact and making sure your venture has operatoins and procedures in place to ensure an excellent customer experience is key.


Managing expecations and ensuring excellent communications throughout all aspects of the organization is important to ensuring a strong customer experience.